5 Apparel Companies You NEED To Know About

If you haven’t figured it out yet I love clothes. A lot. Fashion is my passion as corny as it sounds. I could go on for hours about it. With New York Fashion Week happening, I want to talk about five clothing companies. From high street to clearance stores, I’m here to share my personal faves.

Let’s start off with one that I frequent a lot that makes your wallet smile. TJMaxx. TJMaxx is a jack of all trades. There’s clothing, furniture, bags, and home ware. It appeased everyone. My favorite thing about it are the prices. Most tops are around 4-18 dollars. Which isn’t too bad. The only thing is that you really have to roam the rack to find those special pieces.

H&M. Slightly higher in price, but what you get for your buck is quality material. H&M in my opinion is great for business women who are looking to dress for the work front. But while they do appeal to the more structure chic women of the world they’re great for those hipsters who are looking for something different. Another great thing I love about H&M, is that if you’re looking for winter clothes, you definitely want to check them out!

For all you hipsters out there, I have two stores for you that are basically the same. So this is a cheat. I’m giving you a bonus. Forever21 and Cotton On are perfect stores to be caught up with the latest fashion. Flannels, bomber jackets, t-shirt dresses, and denim. They have it all but warning these stores can be overwhelming. They have a lot! So just take deep breaths and try not to fill up your cart with too much.

Now as for high street two clothing companies that I drool over are Valentino and Gucci. I swear I want every heel every created by Valentino. They’re my secret weakness and the day I can purchase they’re heels I’ll know I made it. Now as for Gucci…while some of there clothing can be a bit much for me they have some solid pieces that would make you feel like a model. For inspo I would search up “K-pop idols Gucci.” You’ll see stellar outfits.

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-Isabel Barreiro

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