Let’s Give Back This Fall!

Fall brings in the holidays and the holidays are about spending time with your loved ones and enjoying their company. It’s about reminiscing old memories and creating new memories.  With October out of the way, we are now in November. We should continue the fall season thanking those who have always had our backs, helped us grow, loved us despite of our faults, and stuck around. Let’s give back!

Something like a simple ‘thank you’ is all you need to do…which I know seems silly. Words can be powerful in their own way. Or maybe an action. You can show that person you’re thankful by lending them a hand, surprising them on their break from work, or buying them lunch. It doesn’t have to be anything flashy.

But you don’t just have to say thanks. Giving back is a great way of saying thank you. You can help them out at work or school. You can donate old clothes or canned goods to shelters. There are people in your community and worldwide who need help. For instance, there are islands still suffering from Hurricane Irma who desperately need diapers, clothes, and food. Now remember, it doesn’t matter how much or big you give back. Every little thing counts.

You know what? I propose something! I want to challenge you guys. Each week until the Fall season ends pick someone you care about and give thanks. Give back to them for all they have done for you. This week I’ll be surprising someone special. I plan on dropping by on their break at work and sharing their favorite cookies. I know that it will make him smile. Next week, I’ll thank my mom and the week after, who knows.

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-Isabel Barreiro

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