3 Ways To Make Your Instagram Pictures Pop

Have a niche: Are you a nature lover? Do you love fitness? Are you obsessed with fashion? If you are a nature lover, adventure every day and take pictures of your adventures. If you love fitness, post your workouts and dieting tips. If you are obsessed with fashion, schedule photoshoots to show the world your style.



Use the right caption for your photos: Do you see people on Instagram talking about something that makes no sense to the picture they post? I see it ALL the time. I love those pictures that have a funny caption but fits so perfectly with the picture.


Have a theme: Is your Instagram going to be more bright with colors or is it going to be dark with lots of browns and blacks? Here is an example of a bright layout vs a dark layout. To help sticking with a theme, use one filter every time you post.

BONUS! Timing is everything: Find the perfect time to post when all your followers are going to be online. Typically this is in the morning or at night. Figure out that time to gain more likes and action on your posts.


-Mikayla Masanetz

Mikayla on Instagram