Fresh Kimchi


Take a peek around the site. There’s new content, new merchandise, and best of all, a new sale. If you’re one of our subscribers then that means that you have access to our limited edition Bitcoin socks + a special sale on the site. (If you’d like to be a subscriber scroll to the end of the post and fill in the form!)


The socks and the sale are our thank you to you, wonderful people, for being with us on this journey so far. Milestones can be tricky things, but this one feels great to us.


Stay tuned on Monday – we have another special announcement that’ll really knock your socks off! (Puns are fun, right?)

There’s still time to pass around the sale, so tell your friends and family to get on our list. It’s instant access, to the sale and the limited edition Bitcoin socks, for one and all.

“I hope you get a chance to try our kimchi.”
Jason V. Holmes
Founder & President