Kimchi Socks is an elite, fashion-forward, creative center where design meets functionality. The company debuted in 2013 out of a guesthouse shared military dorm room in Seoul, South Korea.

Why the name “Kimchi Socks” you ask? Kimchi is a South Korean fermented dish and is a vital link to the cultural identity of this region: you keep it fresh with a constant influx of new ingredients. And it is this premise that was the launchpad for Kimchi Socks: we keep our kimchi fresh with fresh ideas.

“We’re constantly evolving and innovating, bringing in consultants and working with other sock designers. We don’t want to just be in the business of selling socks,” founder and owner Jason V. Holmes says, “We want to be in the business of selling you socks that enhance your style with each pair having a valuable meaning behind them.

“When I originally started the company, the idea was to buy socks from S. Korean designers and then sell them to people overseas because I wanted to help get Korean-made designs on the international stage. Unfortunately I discovered that most of the socks I was buying weren’t made for western-sized feet. That’s when I started designing my own socks that are then made by a Korean manufacturer.”


“I hope you get a chance to try our kimchi.”
Jason V. Holmes
Founder & President

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