By Isabel Barreiro

10 Item Wardrobe – Women’s Fashion

Today I have 10 essential items for your wardrobe . This is the hardest list I’ve ever created. There are so many fundamental pieces a woman needs that it was hard to break it down into only 10 items. I want to start by saying this list consist of items that are currently hanging in […]

By Mattea

10 Essential Pieces For Every Guy

So, we all know that one guy who has everything, right? From the hottest trends, to the best smelling cologne in your local department store, he has it. Today we’re learning about essential pieces every guy needs in his closet and his life in general! 1. The Denim Jacket The denim jacket is a very […]

By Isabel Barreiro

Happy New Year’s!

Happy New Year! It’s finally over. Did everyone survive 2016? I barely did. Can you believe that we are already in 2017? You know what that means? Time set goals for ourselves. Resolutions. Ones that we will  try to do instead of saying we’re going to change and then completely forgetting about it after the second […]

By Isabel Barreiro

Socks 101

Hello! Welcome to Socks 101! Today I will be teaching you about one of the current trends and how I style socks. Walking down runways you’ll see women strutting in heels…with socks! A trend that at first I was hesitant about. I mean let’s be real…socks WITH heels! But the Gossip Girl in me is […]

By Isabel Barreiro

Fun Socks-Kimchi Style

  Welcome back! Today we will start by talking about different types of socks! Here are some basic things to know. Let’s start with socks and colors. The foolproof way is to match your socks with your pants, but never an exact match. Always go for a lighter or darker shade to add some depth, and never, ever match […]