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Thank You 2017

By isabel_izzy1 | January 9, 2018
Hello friends and family! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or happy Kwanzaa. You can already assume by the title I'm about to get real and mushy with you all. This year has been a great year for Kimchi Socks. We've flourished in so many aspects. Whether it was with each

Let’s Give Back This Fall!

By isabel_izzy1 | November 7, 2017

Fall brings in the holidays and the holidays are about spending time with your loved ones and enjoying their company. It’s about reminiscing old memories and creating new memories.  With October out of the way, we are now in November. We should continue the fall season thanking those who have always had our backs, helped

5 Apparel Companies You NEED To Know About

By isabel_izzy1 | October 4, 2017

If you haven’t figured it out yet I love clothes. A lot. Fashion is my passion as corny as it sounds. I could go on for hours about it. With New York Fashion Week happening, I want to talk about five clothing companies. From high street to clearance stores, I’m here to share my personal

3 Fall Back to School Looks

By isabel_izzy1 | September 9, 2017

Summer is coming to a close and I couldn’t be anymore excited. I don’t know about you, but I’m over the whole sweating thing. I’m excited for fall, because many things are in store! When Falls comes, so do sweaters, boots, long nights, and hot chocolate. Unless you’re more of a pumpkin spice kind of

Top 3 Spring Sock Designs For 2018

By isabel_izzy1 | August 26, 2017

  I want to start off by first saying yes, I know the title says spring. Yes, I know summer is going to end which means fall is around the corner. I know my seasons and there order. But I’m just trying to give you a little sneak peek on what to look forward to

3 Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

By isabel_izzy1 | August 25, 2017

Bitcoin. What is a bitcoin? Have you’ve seen the movie Dope? If not, 1) it’s great, 2) they dive into it. Now, the definition of bitcoin is, “a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system.” When I first read that I can’t lie it was a lot for my non-business mind to grasp. In a simple way, bitcoin is

3 Entrepreneurs You Need To Know

By Mattea | August 24, 2017

Entrepreneurship has been gaining popularity is recent years. I believe the movie Social Network loosely depicting the start and growth of Facebook made entrepreneurship look sexy especially to millennials. It no longer looked like you have to go to a top notch business school then wear a three piece suit to start and run a

Social Responsibility in the Workplace

By isabel_izzy1 | August 13, 2017

Social Responsibility and workplace should go hand in hand. You might be asking what does it mean to mean to have social responsibility in the workplace? First, let’s look at what social responsibility means. Social responsibility is an ethical theory, where the actions of an individual must benefit all of society. Now put that theory into

Popular K-pop Styles

By isabel_izzy1 | August 11, 2017

K-pop. Do you know what k-pop means? K-pop stands for Korean Pop music. Lately it has been taking the world by storm. After BTS winning the Social Artist Billboard award people have been hopping on the k-pop train. Not only is k-pop filled with great music, music videos, and aesthetic…but it’s also filled with incredible

How To: Style Our Geaux Nola Socks

By isabel_izzy1 | August 10, 2017

The Geaux Nola Socks are one of my favorite designs at Kimchi Socks. First, all the socks are soft and breathable. Second, ever since I was little I was always in love with New Orleans. Guess where the symbol comes from? The ever so beautiful and lively New Orleans. I love wearing these socks the

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