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Socks 101

By isabel_izzy1 | Comments: 8 | January 12, 2017

Hello! Welcome to Socks 101! Today I will be teaching you about one of the current trends and how I style socks. Walking down runways you’ll see women strutting in heels…with socks! A trend that at first I was hesitant about. I mean let’s be real…socks WITH heels! But the Gossip Girl in me is

Men’s Socks Gift Set – Kimchi Socks Style

By isabel_izzy1 | December 17, 2016

Lights are twinkling inside homes across the world. But right now you are putting off buying presents for all your family and friends and you are even stuck about what to get everyone. Right? Well don’t fear! I can give you a helping hand. Tis’ the season for giving– is it not? First things first…

Digital Money For Our Excellent Kimchi Socks Designs

By Director Nola | Comments: 2 | October 18, 2016
When you think of socks, you don't think about Bitcoin usually. So, why would Kimchi Socks make a Bitcoin sock design and accept Bitcoin payment for our socks? Why are we trying to connect technology to fashion? Maybe it's what Kimchi Socks want to be as an edge? Regardless of the reason, socks, Bitcoin, and

The Path of Starting a Sock Business

By Director Nola | Comments: 25 | September 26, 2016
Are you looking into starting a sock business? Do you have the dream of opening up the sock shop where people are coming knocking down your doors to buy your socks? I will tell you, that starting a sock business or any business will come with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. So before

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