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Tag: essential clothing

Popular K-pop Styles

By isabel_izzy1 | August 11, 2017

K-pop. Do you know what k-pop means? K-pop stands for Korean Pop music. Lately it has been taking the world by storm. After BTS winning the Social Artist Billboard award people have been hopping on the k-pop train. Not only is k-pop filled with great music, music videos, and aesthetic…but it’s also filled with incredible

Outfits Ideas for a Summer Interview

By isabel_izzy1 | August 5, 2017

I have been feeling the summer heat lately and I’m not liking it one bit. Every time I get into my car I’m dying…literally. My car reads between 91-96 Fahrenheit. It’s hot. And while summer clothes are great, I’m only trying not to have a heat stroke. Before I begin with fashion under the devil

Kimchi Socks Women’s Summer Lookbook / Stay Cool!

By isabel_izzy1 | July 15, 2017

Hey ladies! Listen up! I am here to talk to you about the Summer. Now as for me Summer isn’t exactly my favorite season. It’s ridiculous hot, humid, rainy, and I burn like a lobster. But I do love laying on the sand relaxing to the sounds of the ocean waves crashing. Now for me,

Summer Trends–Here’s What To Look For

By isabel_izzy1 | May 31, 2017

To quote my favorite movie, ‘When life gets rough, I like to hold on to my dream, of relaxing in the summer sun, just lettin’ off steam.’ If you have no idea where that line is from I’m so sorry, but it’s great. Frozen. Watch it. Love it. Now I don’t typically like relaxing in

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5 Summer Closet Must Haves

By Mattea | May 17, 2017

The weather in Colorado is starting to get warmer and look more like summer. I can not contain my excitement. Summer is my favorite season and I want to share my closet must haves. Of course I need my Kimchi socks. These are some of my favorite socks. They are so comfy and so stylish.

5 Spring Closet Staples for Women

By isabel_izzy1 | Comments: 2 | May 1, 2017

When we think of Spring, we think of flowers blooming and beautiful weather. If you’re from Miami like me you know that Spring doesn’t exist. It’s Summer year round, sadly. But if I had to picture myself living in a state that actually enjoys and receives Spring there are some essential pieces I would want

Best Places to Buy Socks Online for Women

By isabel_izzy1 | April 6, 2017

Socks for women. I’ve discussed quite a big deal about socks and styling them, not once have I really mentioned where I liked to get mine. As a woman we have and endless supply of clothing stores. It never seems to stop growing. Over time we learn are preference and what our bank account likes.

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10 Item Wardrobe – Women’s Fashion

By isabel_izzy1 | Comments: 2 | February 1, 2017

Today I have 10 essential items for your wardrobe . This is the hardest list I’ve ever created. There are so many fundamental pieces a woman needs that it was hard to break it down into only 10 items. I want to start by saying this list consist of items that are currently hanging in

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