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Tag: tips

In  Style

The Hipster Guy Fashion Style Guide for Oct 2016

By Mattea | October 19, 2016
Hipster guy fashion is all the rage these days. What trends have you been into lately? Here’s what we’re diggin’. Meet Evan and Alex. They’re based in Colorado, and they’re sporting some Old Navy and Pac Sun. Nothing beats simple designs with simple accessories. On Evan’s part, he decided to go a little bold on
In  Style

Types of Novelty Socks for Women

By Mattea | October 12, 2016
There are so many different types of socks for both men and women. Finding your novelty sock design can sometimes be difficult, as we can become confused which socks pair best with our shoe styles. Here are some ideas: No show No show socks are awesome if you’re wearing heels or other shoes that you

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