By Isabel Barreiro

Summer Gift Socks

“It’s summer,” cue Olaf’s voice. How’s everyone summer coming along? Staying hydrated? Going on adventures? Have you been to any summer parties? Stayed over at a friend or family place? Need an idea of what to gift them in thanks? That was a lot of questions. I think you can guess what I’m going to […]

By Isabel Barreiro

Choosing Sock Designs

Choosing designs. In this particular subject I want to start off by saying this isn’t me telling what to choose or wear. I’m offering suggestions. Because frankly, choosing designs of socks is completely up to you. It’s up to your style and what you’re willing to wear. There are endless amounts of designs as I’ve […]

Bye Average Men's Socks and Hello Men's Socks With Designs
By Denzel Alexander

Men’s Sock Designs

So, in our youthful years, I’m sure we didn't think of men's socks with designs at all. Men just thought of socks as two things. The first being that socks are just a piece of cloth made to fit our feet from getting dirty, and two they are clothing items that always disappear some way. [...]
By Laetitia Casas

@Sockmeplease Favorite Polka-dot Sock Pattern

As a socks addict, I love collecting and wearing more and more fancy socks. My mantra? Socks are the key component of an outfit. You’re a huge fan of black suit and can’t put one foot in front of the other without wearing your grandma’s shoes? Well, let’s twist it with banana socks, and you [...]