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Born a Yankee. Raised in New Orleans. Been a world traveler since 2008. Now I am set on building an international sock company while living in S. Korea. I like to listen to audiobooks every day, fitting BJJ in my calendar, going for walks, drinking black coffee, visiting Japan every year, and meeting new people.

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I was born in Masan, South Korea and I’m currently living and attending school in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA where I’m majoring in Entrepreneurship. I’m also the creator of MatteaLinAe.com, where I display my passion for writing, art, and fashion. Instagram: @mattea_linae


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I live in New Orleans. I have 2 sons and 3 grandkids. I’m a military veteran and I love to line dance.

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Isabel Barreiro: a first generation proud Portuguese American living it up in the sunshine city of Miami Florida. I don’t hang at the beach, but I love sipping coffee in bookstores while working on either writing, music, or emails. I’m a heavy left brain person, so don’t mention numbers. Did I mention coffee? I love coffee.