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Kimchi Socks - Jason V. Holmes


Born a Yankee. Raised in New Orleans. Been a world traveler since 2008. Now I am set on building an international sock company while living in S. Korea. I like to listen to audiobooks every day, fitting BJJ in my calendar, going for walks, drinking black coffee, visiting Japan every year, and meeting new people.

Vice President

Kimchi Socks Influencer Manager


I was born in Masan, South Korea and I’m currently living and attending school in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA where I’m majoring in Entrepreneurship. I’m also the creator of, where I display my passion for writing, art, and fashion. Instagram: @mattea_linae


Logistics Manager



I live in New Orleans. I have 2 sons and 3 grandkids. I’m a military veteran and I love to line dance.



Isabel Barreiro: a first generation proud Portuguese American living it up in the sunshine city of Miami Florida. I don’t hang at the beach, but I love sipping coffee in bookstores while working on either writing, music, or emails. I’m a heavy left brain person, so don’t mention numbers. Did I mention coffee? I love coffee.

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